Welcome 2016

As the spotted pup snoozes on my studio floor I am reflecting on the past year ... in a way. It was a decent year.

My husband's surgical procedures went well and he breathes much better, no scar tissue to obstruct his vocal cords. His once deep, rich voice is now replaced with a shallow rasp ... a reminder that everything comes with a price. But its worth it to be able to breathe.

My inbox is crammed with weight loss, financial and nutritional tips. Traditional New Year fodder. I think that magazines swap the same articles between each other and just replace bylines. And update the photographs or featured celebrities.  Its all rather boring to me but hats off to the people who find this info useful. This makes me happy to have lived long enough to see the fifteenth revolution of starting the new year with "this thigh melting exercise". 

I shouldn't scoff,  any exercise is good.

I look forward to making more art this 2016 and beyond. I will participate in a group exhibit with my state chapter of Women's Caucus on Art in June of this year. I will also have my gallery spot at The Artery Huntsville and possibly move my studio to a location inside of the city. All good plans for this year.

Happy New Year!


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