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Facebook Jail

I'm in Facebook jail again which matters little, the novelty wore off about 3 years ago. My crime? Oh as a friend posted that makeup ads were showing up on her feed, they must think she's trying to get laid...I replied that advertizers don't realize that at our age women have realized that men are bothersome shits. And they are. For the most part. As men mature some of them manage to reach the point where they abandon their neediness and become enjoyable companions. I almost wrote "useful companions". Almost. I guess a few are useful at times.Evidently Facebook does not agree with my opinion. I have violated community standards. My husband has been booted from the platform for 30 days. His friends have gotten used to his periodic absences and share articles to his page, as do I when I'm not banned.I have a business page connected to my account that has a button that leads to my etsy site. Thank goodness I don't depend on that for traffic, the link is freq…

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