Ejected from the Group, Muted, Banned, and More! LOL Mercury Retrograde is so much fun

It has to be the Mercury Retrograde....So, on to the story....

I was taking a break from RL, my husband trying to die, me trying to juggle everything that goes with that..I visited SL and stumbled into an art project that came across my notices.

I thought it would be fun, it wasn't that complicated to just dress up some figures and pose them for a Valentine theme. Or so I thought. I was trying to rush through the process, made an error that was quickly cleared up with an explanation from the curator of the project. I got it turned in on the last day and of course I forgot to change perms on a prim (thump my head). The curator notified me and I sent her one as soon as I got the message.

But Oh My! I received the message from the curator this morning that I had been rude throughout the whole process, that I act as if I am "entitled"...that I am no longer welcome at her gallery, I'm kicked out of the group, my entry is rejected and I probably shouldn't even log into SL either *chuckle at that one*.

I've never been to the woman's gallery. I tried to visit this morning and I've been banned from her sim/parcel? I sent and apology when I got the message but I'm sure that I'm muted. It's the standard behavior when you ban someone.

I am amazed at the behavior. Just have never experienced anything like it. If I were a fragile person I would be crushed.

Meanwhile I build things in SL and try to keep my husband alive in RL. Okay? Okay.

With Much Love;
Astrid Zhangsun


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